The People Behind DSGW’s Projects

Over eighty years later, DSGW continues to grow in employees, technical knowledge and in our nationally-recognized specialties including healthcare architecture, educational design architecture and Native American architecture. DSGW has followed its own path to design at the highest quality applying best practices in energy, wellness, construction and materials. Take a closer look at our principals and staff.

You are driven, creative and collaborative. So are we. Let’s work together!

“We're given a lot of freedom to work on projects, but when I need help, there are so many experts on staff, we are able to solve problems quickly.”

- Chris Kroeger, DSGW Designer & Project Manager

No great design springs from one individual. It takes an entire team, united behind something big. At DSGW we think globally, stand outside the box and help our communities grow through thoughtful design. Join our team by checking out our career opportunities.

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