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It starts with the spark of an idea and ends only after a successful grand opening. While our list of capabilities is lengthy, we really excel in three main areas: collaborating, communicating and designing the places that make communities home. We do these things with creativity, enthusiasm and steadfast dedication.

Firm Overview

  • Offices in Duluth, Virginia, and Twin Cities, MN
  • Established in 1938
  • JUST Organization
  • Member of the US Green Building Council (USGBC)
  • Staff of Architects, Interior Designers, Design Technicians, Project Managers, and Construction Administrators

Building Up Our Community

Our promise of enriching communities through architecture also means giving back outside of our projects and work hours. DSGW is proud to support various community organizations through sponsorships and volunteering.

DSGW team members in construction gear
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What it’s like to work with DSGW

Many firms will tell you they listen. But there’s more to it than that. Our DSGW team takes the time to understand, to interpret what we’ve heard from your community and stakeholders, and apply our design sensibility to it. We don’t just listen and do; we seek to know your community, demographics and operational challenges as if they were our own.

To us, architecture should enhance and enrich a community; not override it. The best buildings reflect the character of a region, whether it’s critical access care in the rural midwest or urban dwellings. Great architecture instills a sense of pride into those who live and work there.

With every project, our goal is to make sense of complexity so your job gets easier. DSGW provides clarity through planning and programming instead of introducing more challenges later on in design. If we do our job right, our design will answer the questions that haven’t been asked yet.

Meet the People Behind the Projects

DSGW is a firm of architectural and interior design leaders who aren’t just influential in the success of your project, but also the industry. Our professionals are devoted to their trade, and each one brings a different, refined skill set to the table. This allows us to match our DSGW team’s talents with the project’s requirements.

Our Values​


DSGW's Approach

DSGW provides clarity through our immersive 7 step planning process which helps create an informed decision making environment between our clients.

Personalized Architecture: DSGW’s Core Philosophies

These philosophies pave the way to a successful design, putting the needs of the client, and the community they serve first.



Our design process creates spaces that integrate health and wellbeing into every project — whether new construction or remodeling your office space.



Green design creates calming and healthy environments that elevate the daily lives of employees and visitors.



We base our designs off of credible research and our own key-learnings in an effort to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Building lasting connections.

DSGW stands out in building lasting connections with our clients and their communities. Over 92% of our our work is with repeat clients – many of whom stay with us for decades. DSGW brings state-of-the art best practices in sustainable design architecture and interiors that contribute to the overall wellness of every project. We work with school districts, healthcare providers, developers, tribal governments and commercial clients whether it be in rural America or a metropolitan suburb.

DSGW architect with tribal members at a ground breaking ceremony

You are driven, creative and collaborative. So are we. Let’s work together!

“We're given a lot of freedom to work on projects, but when I need help, there are so many experts on staff, we are able to solve problems quickly.”

- Chris Kroeger, DSGW Designer & Project Manager

No great design springs from one individual. It takes an entire team, united behind something big. At DSGW we think globally, stand outside the box and help our communities grow through thoughtful design. Join our team by checking out our career opportunities.

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