Rock Ridge High School

Virginia, Minnesota
296,000 sf
Architecture Interior Design FF&E

Rock Ridge High School formed from the merger of the Eveleth-Gilbert and Virginia Schools, reimagines learning with flexible, inclusive spaces that inspire engagement, mentorship, and professional growth. Student needs are at the heart of every design choice, creating a comfortable and dynamic environment where learning comes alive.

DSGW in partnership with Cuningham (the architect of record) worked hand in hand with the Eveleth-Gilbert and Virginia Schools to identify local career paths and work with area business addressing their staffing and future needs. The community businesses are now engaged in the learning process – flipping the book on how the education system works. But the broken mold does not stop there! Collaboration spaces and learning neighborhoods fill the lively halls, while state-of-the-art career and technical education labs, give students the opportunity for real experience in prospects for their future career. No rows of desks lined up in stuffy classrooms are found within the precast, metal panel, and ever-evolving weathered corten walls of this groundbreaking educational environment on the Iron Range.


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