Three Ways Interior Design Can Help Your Project

By: Julie Spiering, CID, LEED AP
Director of Interior Design

I grew up the daughter of an engineer and an artist. I was exposed from a very early age to the particular talents and strengths of two fields that, at first glance, couldn’t seem more opposite. But it wasn’t long before I began to see the way these fields could work together in harmony to create something truly special. It was that realization that led me to the field of interior design, and to working in tandem with architects.

I can say with experience that an interior design team is a benefit to any project or company for many reasons. Here are three of my favorites:


When interior designers and architects coordinate and collaborate on a project from the beginning, they provide crucial insight into each other’s processes that can often elevate everyone’s work. Plus, due to their different outlooks, this collaboration can frequently pull out the best possible solution for the client.

As the project progresses, the aesthetic or conceptual components of the exterior might lead to design choices on the interior. For example, if there’s an entry canopy on the exterior, the interior design team might try to replicate that style or character on the interior ceiling in some way. Having these two perspectives, with their different focuses, united on a project ensures that the entire project benefits from a cohesive design. For the client, it makes the experience
of the space more positive and impactful.


An important part of any project is establishing a connection and trust with a client. It’s vital that you find ways to help illuminate the process for your client and navigate them through it. And, since interior designers spend more time working directly with clients, they tend to be highly skilled in this area. I’ve seen the difference it makes. This personal connection and meaningful communication is something our clients have come to truly appreciate in our work.

The Finishing Touch


The cozy stairway cubby tucked away in the Lobby of ENDI Duluth Apartment Complex.

In the end, when the building’s almost finished, that’s where the interior design team can truly shine. The final things that go into a building — items like seating, signage, accessories and art — play such an important role in the overall user experience, and help cement a sense of comfort and cohesion for everyone who utilizes the space. Having interior designers tackle this crucial final step can ensure you’re putting the cherry on top of a project.