St. Luke’s Opens New Facility

WDIO, by Paige Calhoun

DULUTH, Minnesota – St. Luke’s hospital staff and other community members cut the ribbon Tuesday, officially opening the doors to their new facility located at 1012 East 2nd St., downtown Duluth.

st lukes building a, healthcare architecture
St. Luke’s Building A

It’s called “Building A”. A standard name, but the facility is anything but. Its five stories house six clinics, with room to expand, along with plenty of parking inside and out. President and CEO John Strange said the set-up is better for everyone, “The ability for the patient to move through is seamless, and the ability for the physician to really treat the patient in a spacious and well-laid out setting is just right there.”

New state of the art equipment is a plus too. X-ray technicians are excited about their new x-ray machine. When comparing an image of a hip on a standard machine versus the new machine, a fracture is visible on the new equipment, and not on the old.

Plus, the new equipment is controlled with the push of a remote control button, meaning staff don’t have to move the heavy equipment manually.

“It saves on us as far as using our arms and stuff like that. It saves on the patient because there’s less moving the patient around,” St. Luke’s X-Ray Technician Kristyn Slattery said.

St. Luke’s hopes to connect the new facility with the main hospital in the future to add more convenience when transferring patients and supplies.

DSGW’s services included owners representative. Developer and architect is Erdman.