Rebecca J. Lewis Recognized by FGI as an Outstanding Leader with the Pioneer Award

The Pioneer Award of the Facility Guidelines Institute (FGI) honors select individuals and organizations of outstanding character who influence or create the future of health and residential care facility design and construction through their contributions and support of the mission and vision of the Facility Guidelines Institute. Rebecca Lewis was chosen for this honor as her pioneering spirit, perseverance, dedication and passion ignites new levels of performance.

“If one were to define commitment,” writes fellow HGRC member Joseph Sprague, “you would start with Rebecca Lewis. Not only is Rebecca a credit to her profession but she’s also a person of high integrity, respected by all.”

“Rebecca not only is a good colleague,” adds HGRC member John Williams, “she is a good person. Even in difficult conversations, she exudes interest and respect for the people around her.” One of Rebecca’s many strengths lies in her encouragement and championing of colleagues, new and old. Rebecca’s knowledge paired with her interest in the opinions of others creates a collegial environment that is fertile ground for both good ideas and great conversations. Whether mentoring younger architects in the health care field or striving for consistency across the Guidelines documents, Rebecca is known for her dedication, depth of intellect, and deep-seated respect for others.

Rebecca joined the HGRC in 2006 and quickly exhibited a strong understanding of health and residential care codes and standards. Her passion for learning and special ability to bring people to consensus make her a beloved and respected co-chair of the Outpatient Document Group. Co-chair Kirsten Waltz shares the following: “Rebecca challenges [members of] the group to seek out research and is never afraid to question the status quo. For several revision cycles, she has worked tirelessly to increase the quality of the Guidelines through her correlation efforts, reflections on different opinions to achieve a minimum standard, and contributions to interpretations.”

Ryan Turner (principal, DSGW, and fellow HGRC member) presented the FGI Pioneer Award to Rebecca Lewis from the office of DSGW Architects in Duluth, Minn., via Zoom on November 30, 2020. Also in attendance was John Geissler (principal and director of operations, DSGW).

In addition, Rebecca has been an unwavering advocate for evidence-based design standards for small and rural health care communities, the design of ambulatory care facilities, and the special needs of Native American tribal health care leaders. Rebecca’s leadership is demonstrated through her long-standing service and commitment on the HGRC Steering Committee and her role in developing the Guidelines for Design and Construction of Outpatient Facilities. Kirsten Waltz adds, “Rebecca’s efforts have helped shape the Guidelines into a world-class standard.”

In accepting the award, Rebecca acknowledges the organizations that have shaped her career and encouraged her work with FGI: “I would like to thank American Institute of Architects for asking me to serve as one of their representatives to the Guidelines and DSGW Architects for supporting this work.”

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