Oberstar Complex Dedicated at Voyaguer National Park

Northlands NewsCenter, by Staff

Voyaguers National Park, International Falls, Minnesota
Voyaguers National Park, International Falls, Minnesota

A year after construction began, the dedication of the James Oberstar Riverfront Complex puts some of the finishing touches on the project

U.S. Senators Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar showed their support for the park during the dedication.

An amazing story that started in 2009 when a headquarters building for Voyageurs National Park was proposed.

It’s a 12 million dollar complex funded from bonds.

“This is one of the first things the mayor talked to me about when I came on to make sure we continued that funding,” said Senator Amy Klobuchar.

Mayor Mason is happy with the attention the complex has attracted.

“All these good folks are friends and neighbors, visitors, tourists that are   in the area caught wind of this and they showed up. I am just excited,” said   Mason.

International Falls residents Justin and Lindy Berg are pleased with the new complex too.

“It draws the attention to town here, the park here, the headquarters are out on the lake. They weren’t very visible so with headquarters close to town and   providing all the opportunities like they have, it’s going to bring some people   to the area I guess,” said Justin.

Something that James Oberstar would be pleased about.

“That is truly the message of voyageurs national park. The legacy of hands cross the water, joining hearts, people for a common cause and I’m honored to be   with you and be a proud part of it, now and forever,” said former U.S.   Congressman James Oberstar.

There are plans to expand the complex by constructing a hotel, bar and restaurant.