The power of exterior lighting

Typically when you think of lighting for a building, interior lighting is what comes to mind, but exterior lighting also plays an important role. The exterior design features can help tell the story of a building and leave a lasting first impression. A good lighting plan is the key to setting the mood, safe illumination and complementing the architectural structure.

Here are two examples of how DSGW designers have brought life to a building after dark:

A Rich History
Located in Flandreau, SD, the exterior design and lighting of the Flandreau Santee Sioux Health Center pays homage to the Tribe’s “Seven Fires Council” governing group. Historically, this council made decisions for the entire Sioux Nation.

Reflection of Nature
The lighting on the exterior of the Skydancer Resort and Casino located in Belcourt, ND was designed to mimic the natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights. With lighting like this the destination resort can be seen from miles away.