DSGW partners with Healthy Duluth Area Coalition and City of Duluth to build a parklet


Duluth has many parks, but now it also has a “parklet.” parklet duluth

The parklet is a parking space turned into a public place for pedestrians to use. There are benches, tables and plants in the space on Superior Street.

The goal is to remind people that the street is a public space, and should include a public gathering place. This idea started in San Francisco in 2010, and it’s sprawled across the country.

“Our parklet is a pop-up pilot project that is meant to help the community reimagine the use of public space in relationship to public health and the urban environment,” said Shawna MullenEardley of the Healthy Duluth Area Coalition.

City staff and community partners will gather data on what people think about the parklet. That will be used to explore more urban green space.

There are many partners in this project, including the DSGW architects and the Healthy Duluth Area Coalition.