DSGW Designs Duluth’s First Parklet

DSGW Parklet PeopleAfter two years of the pilot parklet program by the Healthy Duluth Area Coalition, the City of Duluth has now adopted an official process for businesses to host the outdoor gathering places. A team of architects and designers from DSGW Architects designed the first parklet that was placed in downtown Duluth by the Lake Superior Bakehouse. It’s slated to remain in place until early to mid-October.

Parklets are small public spaces — an extension of the sidewalk — that include such features as tables, seating, vegetation, artwork and bicycle parking. They often are placed on one or two parking spaces, and can be disassembled for relocation or storage over the winter.

DSGW Parklet“Public spaces on urban streets can create a sense of community. Just by adding a designated area for people to enjoy taking in the activities of the street and interact with other people can change the feeling of a street,” Tiersa Wodash, a DSGW architect who has been working on the parklet design, said in a news release.

It was made possible by donated time from DSGW Architects and Kraus-Anderson Construction Co.; lumber donated by Campbell Lumber; donated space and tools from Duluth MakerSpace; and discounted materials from Intectural.

The parklet was funded in part by the Duluth Legacy Endowment Fund, an affiliate of the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation, as well as the Center for the Prevention at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota.