DSGW Architects Duluth office expands staff

DSGW Architects expands its staff to include an intern design professional, interior designer and an accounting generalist.

Emerson Smith joins DSGW as an intern design professional. He has a Bachelors and Masters in Architecture from North Dakota State University. Emerson’s passion is research. Each project begins by uncovering the uniqueness of the environment and the client’s vision. He is currently helping to design the new St. Louis County Government Center.

Kelsey Miller, interior designer, graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Design from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She majored in Interior Design and minored in Landscape Architecture. She enjoys collaborating with the design team to create a unique user experience. Currently, she is assisting with the interiors for the St. Louis County Government Center which will be built in Virginia, Minnesota next year.

Kelly Ribich is a Duluth native and joins DSGW as an accounting generalist. She assists with the day to day management of the accounting department.

DSGW Architects is a Minnesota-based firm with offices in Duluth, Twin Cities and Virginia. Since 1938, it has attracted clients who are active in their communities and proactive in determining how those communities are built. Whether working with local leaders on project financing or creating thoughtful designs, DSGW listens to its clients, knowing their dreams help architects deliver enduring buildings that bring communities together.