Building for the future.

DSGW’s project with Lutheran Social Services, Center for Changing Lives featured in the Duluthian’s March / April edition.

Lutheran Social Services (LSS), who serves roughly 600 homeless youth in the Northland, is building a new 26,000 square foot three story building called the Center for Changing Lives. Under their current situation their services are spread out in various locations across Duluth, but with the new facility they will be a one-stop-shop for homeless youth. It will not only benefit those they serve with better continuity of care, but it will give their staff a more collaborative and integrative approach.

Rear view of Center for Changing Lives featuring green space for youth.

The $9.1 million project was funded through many entities, including $4.5 million in private donations and $400,000 from the City of Duluth. The other $4.2 million came from the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency (MHFA). Typically funding from MHFA is reserved for projects that are 100% housing, but the Center for Changing Lives has housing on its top two floors and services on its first floor. DSGW and LSS worked together to explain their mission and services in order for the state to allow an exception for this project.

LSS has a long history in the community, therefore, they wanted an energy efficient building that would last. DSGW and Johnson Wilson selected sustainable building practices and technologies that will cut down on long term operating costs and save the center money. The building is built to Energy Star standards.

Programs like LSS Center for Changing Lives have a large impact on the community. DSGW is proud to play a part in their continued success.

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