Red Lake Nation Tribal College

Red Lake Nation Tribal College is part of the new Red Lake Nation Capitol, which boasts two buildings in the shape of Bald Eagles overlooking Red Lake. The new Tribal College was designed to encourage students in the area, native and non-native, to receive a higher education. In the remote area, the next closest college is over two hours away.

The accredited Red Lake Nation Tribal College has an Ojibwe Language Center, library, student café, fitness center, childcare center and state-of-the-art classrooms. Some of the technology that was important to the tribe was the ability for students to attend classes at other colleges and vice versa through telecommunication. This offers a broader range of classes and it also offers Native American culture classes to other colleges. Many of the programs are designed for students to receive a two-year degree and move on to a four-year school after that.

Project:Red Lake Nation Tribal College
Client:Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians
Location:Red Lake, Minnesota
Market:Education,Native American,