White Earth Childcare

Onigum, Minnesota
9,787 sf
Architecture Interior Design

The White Earth Childcare Center will assist with the growing need of the White Earth Community in providing a cultural, safe, and comfortable learning environment for children from infant to pre-k. The exterior will be constructed of structural insulated panels (SIPs) with a stone wainscot so the porcupines that caused trouble in the past will be unable to damage this building! Additionally, the site is being landscaped with native vegetation and edible plants for educational purposes. The center will have 3 classrooms, including a multi-purpose infant room; a serving kitchen, laundry room, nap room, conference/breakroom, workroom, Caring for Kids “store”, and an administrative wing for offices. The interiors were designed to be a “blank canvas” so children’s art and projects can become the focal point of the center. Security was an important consideration in this project’s design. The entrance is secure and the doors into the classrooms and offices have windows on the opposite side from their handles, helping to prevent intruder break-ins to those spaces.

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