St. Croix Falls Fitness Center and Fine Arts Center

St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin
27,826 sf
Architecture Interior Design Master Planning Facility & Code Assessment

Focusing on the needs of the students, the St. Croix Falls School District expanded the athletics department with a new fitness center and added a fine arts center that includes a state of the art auditorium at the high school.

The landscaped plaza guides visitors to the entrance of the fine arts center. The welcoming lobby has large storefront and clearstory windows flooding the space and illuminating the artwork display cases with daylight. The 592-seat auditorium, which accommodates the school’s music program and performing arts, was designed to bestow the audience with an outstanding acoustic and visual experience. Sound within the auditorium is controlled through the angles of the walls, acoustic clouds, an acoustic wall in the back to absorb and prevent it from bouncing back to the audience, and vertical lines of wood material at different depths that work to diffuse and reflect sound. Specialty color changing LED lighting is made into the proscenium arch of the stage adding to the drama of the stage production.

Connected to the gymnasium and surrounded in school pride, the fitness center delivers student athletes with the most advanced and branded training equipment and a turf strip to provide a greater variety of strength and conditioning workouts.



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