Prodeo Academy

Columbia Heights, Minnesota
72,000 sf
Architecture Interior Design Programming

Prodeo Academy has a mission to advance students and prepare them for college and life beyond school. When the school approached capacity at their location in downtown Minneapolis school leaders identified the necessity to build a new state of the art learning environment that provided all the resources required to support student life and educational delivery model. In the selection process of new site DSGW worked extensively with the school to assure that the building and site allowed for access to outdoor play areas, daylighting, and opportunities for community engagement. The design solution provided the school ability to reinforce their academy model through a three story student tower providing each academy the sense of place desired and individualization per level for student identification and to provide efficient student circulation. The building creates a community resource to welcome student families into the support of learners attending Prodeo. The functional layout provides large program spaces to be used by community organizations and others to interact both after hours and during school hours without disruption to student learning.

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