Lake Country Power

Mountain Iron, Minnesota
40,000 sf
Architecture Interior Design LEED

The 40,000 sf Lake Country Power facility houses all service and maintenance operations under one roof. It is built to use less energy and fewer resources.

Throughout the design process, DSGW helped Lake Country Power make wise building choices by creating payback modeling for energy efficient mechanical items to estimate the return on investment. Before selecting a geothermal system with in-floor heat, for example, DSGW prepared a cost-benefit analysis.

Other LEED-inspired features include generous window space for harnessing daylight and providing views for employees, sunshades and light shells for controlling sunlight, occupancy sensors to control electrical lighting, agrifiber cabinets and low-flow plumbing fixtures. All interior finishing materials, such as carpet, vinyl and paint, are VOC-free. For its efforts to conserve energy, Lake Country Power was awarded LEED-Gold Certification.

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