Grantsburg Schools

Grantsburg, Wisconsin
Architecture Interior Design

The Grantsburg community and school district were determined to improve the educational environments for their students. With the first referendum not passing, they persevered and were successful the second time around. Both the elementary and high schools are getting addition(s) and receiving renovations to update for code compliance, provide accessibility, and provide a revitalization of the spaces.

With the closing of an elementary school in the area, the Grantsburg Pre-K through 3rd grade school is doubling its square footage to accommodate those students. The addition will house grades 1-3, a new gymnasium, and 3 flex classrooms. Some of the existing spaces will be repurposed and most occupied by Pre-K and Kindergarten classrooms. Each being renovated with luxury vinyl tile and carpeting for the floors, all receiving their own bathroom, and an exterior door in every classroom.

The high school is expanding with two additions, each with their own secure entry. The first will house the district offices and i-Forward, Wisconsin’s online charter school. The high school administration offices are moving into the second addition while their old offices are being repurposed into flex classrooms, storage, restrooms, and meeting spaces. The commons will get a fresh look with updated finishes, the addition of display cases and a family toilet room, and the existing restrooms are being renovated for accessibility.

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