Bad River Clinic and Wellness Center

Odanah, Wisconsin
25,000 sf
Master Planning Architecture Interior Design Programming

DSGW worked with Bad River Tribal leaders, clinic staff and providers to create a needs assessment that included a program and master plan for a badly needed new clinic.

The programming phase of this project was highlighted by a three-day charrette in Odanah. As part of this charrette, the community came together to provide input into the programming and planning process. Elders groups, Tribal leaders, cultural committee members and community members worked hand-in-hand with the planning team to make decisions on the clinic services, the location, how the clinic was arranged and features special to Bad River Tribe.

The result is a clinic that is responsive to local needs. Behavioral health services had been under-used because the entrance to that facility was openly visible to the public. The design integrates mental health services within the larger clinic for greater privacy and a continuity of care across all fields.

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