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DSGW Values

Our firm’s culture is a foundation for our long-term success. We have high regard for respect – it’s how we show we care. It’s why we pay attention to the details and go the extra mile to understand our communities and plan with love and care. Without respect, there is no vision, there is no compassionate design. It is our commitment to serve as advocates. We advocate for intuitive environments that are healthy, impactful and functional. Great architecture is built from respect.

We know and respect that there is wisdom in the communities we serve. We honor the diverse cultures of those who will inhabit the spaces we create by leveraging community knowledge, valuing truth and working with humility.

We listen before we plan. We understand before we design. We connect before we create. And when we don’t have everything we need in-house, we find expert partners to enhance our team.We’re our clients’ partners. We’re our communities’ partners. Trust is how exceptional work is built.

We treat sustainability as a standard, not an afterthought. It doesn’t end with certifications – it ends when we’ve responsibly designed and built an environment that is healthy for the Earth, respectful to the land and healthy for its occupants. As stewards of the natural environment … of our clients and partners … of responsible projects, we believe that all that is built well, ends well.

We design with empathy, putting ourselves in the end users’ shoes and truly understanding their needs and the impacts of our solutions on their daily lives. We are grounded in making spaces that look beautiful and function even better. We find opportunities to add value by using our expertise to deliver what our clients need when they need it.

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