North Shore Federal Credit Union

When designing the North Shore Federal Credit Union, the goal was the pay homage to the unique geographic attributes of the location. The exterior lighthouse design is a more literal nod at the shipping industry in Two Harbors, Minnesota and doubles as the mechanical room in the building.

The interiors draw inspiration from the North Shore of Lake Superior. The welcoming and customer centric design boasts stone accent walls mimicking cliff formations, wave ceiling panels for the lake and varying blues and grays throughout pulling the feel of the area through the space. Other features include art work from local artists, a variety of floor patterns to lead you through the space and a drive thru for increased customer service.

North Shore Federal Credit Union recently added a location in Duluth, as well. Using the same finishes and design principles to stay within their new brand guidelines.

Project:North Shore Federal Credit Union
Client:North Shore Federal Credit Union
Location:Two Harbors & Duluth, Minnesota