Ely-Bloomenson Community Hospital

DSGW created a master plan for Ely Hospital that considers operations, medical trends, local demographics, patient count, and design and construction options. DSGW Architects reviewed and analyzed each facility’s operational needs and current delivery systems.

A two-hour forum was presented to the hospital on what medical trends and innovations are useful in helping providers adapt to the increased demand and expectations of patient care. DSGW worked with hospital administrators, board members and staff to review all options and ultimately designed a more efficient and effective healthcare facility for the community.

The patient recovery rooms were moved to a quiet area—away from in-patient traffic. The nurses’ station was re-located to become the hub of the hospital—allowing nurses quick access to all parts of the facility. And, with Ely’s large influx of summer tourists, an additional trauma bay was added.

The 47,000 sf renovation was designed, including a new emergency room, new hospital rooms, updated imaging center, larger clinic exam room, new physical fitness wellness center and new administrative area.

Project:Ely-Bloomenson Community Hospital Expansion
Client:Ely-Bloomenson Community Hospital
Location:Ely, Minnesota