Corktown Deli and Brews

Corktown Deli and Brews is home to deliciously crafted meats, cheeses and brews, in a New York deli atmosphere with Lake Superior inspired décor.  The term “Corkies” was used in the early lake port years in Duluth to describe the sailors wearing cork-lined life vests.  In Corktown Deli & Brews, the name and theme comes to life with cork board acoustics and a north shore industrial feel. The goal for this venue was to provide outstanding customer service paired with sustainable operations to stick with the values of the business.   Visitors will find high quality, fresh and delicious sandwiches served in a modern welcoming atmosphere.

Project:Corktown Deli & Brews
Client:Corktown Deli & Brews
Location:Duluth, Minnesota
Market:Commercial,Hospitality & Casinos,