DSGW provides clarity through planning and programming, which keeps unforeseen challenges from arising later on in design. We believe in architecture that answers the questions that haven’t been asked yet. We do this through an immersive four-step process: Listen, Explore, Design, Act.

01. Listen

Your project starts with an open conversation that continues on through every phase. Together, our project team, your stakeholders and the community discuss goals, ideas and priorities.

02. Explore

In this phase, our team explores the best possible use of the building and site by balancing your project goals with design principles and best practices. Each design option’s viability is considered—factoring in building costs, life cycle costs, operation and maintenance costs.

03. Design

While structural, mechanical and electrical engineers figure out functional aspects such as heating, cooling and lighting, our interior and architectural designers begin orienting the building on the site, selecting building materials, developing a budget while studying the plan for future growth. The intent of this phase is to discard, revise and refine in an iterative process until there’s one cohesive, final design.

04. Act

Once your stakeholders and community members are on board, construction begins. Project managers and construction administrators serve as liaisons between you and the contractor, managing the entire process through to occupancy.