At DSGW, exterior and interiors go hand-in-hand. Everyone on our team works together, starting early on in the project’s design process. Our expertise lies in collaborating throughout the planning and design process while building yours to make sure we’re reflecting human interaction and considering how the completed building will be used. Specifically, these are the services we excel at.


Our approach to architecture is collaborative and flexible. As a client, you are involved and up-to-date throughout planning, programming, schematic design, design development, construction documents and construction administration. Both your needs and industry trends are considered while we design the environments that positively impact people’s lives. Our integrated design process incorporates architecture and interior design from the beginning to maintain consistency and efficiency.

Interior Design

Our interior design offerings span every phase of the architectural process. We use creativity and ingenuity to design truly welcoming and memorable spaces. To us, interior design is all about the users: what they need from the space, and how they’re going to interact with it. Interior design makes buildings complete.

Master Planning & Facility Programming

Our approach is simple: plan your work, work your plan. DSGW provides assistance in setting, projecting and planning the future. Before putting pencil to paper we create a master plan and facility program. At the end of this process, you’ll have documentation in hand that lays out the size, cost and location of your building. Together, we’ll build a platform for consensus between all parties, determine a framework for design and make sure your building meets your budget and does what it needs to.

Project Management

Project management is so tightly woven into our interior and architectural design process that it’s hard to describe it as its own capability. In short, our project management style means your questions are answered promptly and deadlines are met. Project managers serve as the connector between contractor and owner, making your work easier and the whole process smoother.

Sustainable Design

As a member of the US Green Building Council (USGBC), DSGW Architects is committed to sustainable, energy efficient, environmentally minded design. Sustainability means that your building is built to perform, not simply to shout “green.” It isn’t a new concept that is layered on top of architecture. It’s part of the way we live. It’s just what we do.